Do you need an ecommerce site?

What is Muncom?

Muncom is a worldwide virtual shopping mall, providing a free & personalized e-commerce solution to anyone willing to offer products and services online. A shopping cart functionality links directly to your product list, allowing you to display prices and pictures within your own store domain:

When a buyer completes an order, the seller receives an instant message containing both order's details along with buyer's contact information.

The seller has the choice of rejecting the transaction. (Considering that at this point of the process the seller already received all buyer's contact information, the transaction could still take place privately completely outside the system).

Our service consists in facilitating the free online store, allowing anyone to sell anything (sweets, stones, stationery, pizzas, home-made cigarettes, etc) as long as there is a buyer. Muncon does not exercise any type of controls over transactions taking place in the virtual shopping mall. 

Note: Muncom is not appropriate for restaurants, in which real time management is needed. For that,  we developed 

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