Pricing for Restaurants and Partners

Deliveryby Restaurants

Deliveryby Restaurants are FREE      --> $0.00/month per restaurant 

Deliveryby Partners

Deliveryby Partners / Resellers FREE --> $0.00/month per restaurant 

White Label Partners


$0.00/month per restaurant

Up to 5 restaurants

Plan WLP10 

$10.00/month per restaurant

From 6 up to 100 restaurants

Plan WLP5

$5.00/month per restaurant

From 101 up to 200 restaurants 

Plan WLP4

$4.00/ Month per restaurant

More than 201 restaurants

To purchase a plan contact


Custom domain for Deliveryby and White Label accounts

Stores $240/year per restaurant* ($20/month)
Partner sites $480/year per partner*      ($40/month)

All prices are in US dollars.

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